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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Rake: Head Model Process

Humble Beginnings
For the modeling of the head, I took the basic head model; dragged back the neck and shoulders, i dragged down the mouth, pushed in the eyes, got rid of the nose and played around with the model until i got something that resembled my sketches. As i was playing around with the mesh, i would retopologize the mesh in order to keep the wireframe even.

Taking a long look at the model, i realized that i could work into the model and give it a bit more form and interesting features. I made the neck look a bit stronger to support the heavy look of the head, and dented into one side of the face in order to give it a scarier and more interesting feel.

Using PTEX textures i painted the model a dark green, then using different shades of green & brown i discoloured the model and made the indents black to emphasize their depth. I added some tones of red to make it feel alive and scratched the surface with small dark brushes to give it a dirty and woody feel.

After the PTEX painting was done, i took the model into Maya, turned up the cosine power on the specular shading and turned down the specular colour to a very dark grey, this gave it a very dirty feel as well as taking away the wet look. I also gave it eyes to help pain a picture of what it might look like.

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