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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Rake: Religious Connections - Buddhism

When i was exploring the Rake story, i likened it to american folklore and it's purpose to scare people. However, with further research i discovered that most american folklore derives from old native american stories and christian beliefs. This lead me to look into christian tales and demons that are used to scare people into obeying the rules of god.

In this research i found a demon that is near exactly the same as The Rake. Although this likeness isn't documented or proven, it's hard to ignore the similarities, since the people that i've surveyed about the appearance of the rake matches up very well to this Demon called the Preta.

The Preta are a group of lesser known demons and Under different circumstances we would probably feel sorry for these demons (given their unique eternal punishment), but you see, the extreme hunger and thirst a preta experiences can make them do some nasty things to humans. In Buddhism, pretas (the equivalent to the fallen order of angels called the Grigori in Christianity) desperately wander the world in constant search of food and water but have no mouth with which to eat or drink. As a result, they become evil spirits that possess weak-minded men and women and corrupt them by making them incredibly greedy and slothful in an attempt to satisfy their own hunger and thirst.
another description says that:
On the face of it, Preta are just a bit pathetic. Featured in Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism, they’re basically dead and hungry but unable to eat, like the lamest zombie ever. But take one look at their backstory and you begin to feel a creeping dread. Preta are just dead people with a massive deficit of Karma. As punishment for being the scum of the earth in a previous life they’re brought back to roam the planet with a desperate hankering for food and no way to eat it. Sometimes the first bite bursts into flames in their mouth, sometimes the food just disappears; others they chew it but find they can’t swallow. And did I mention the food they crave is human waste? For not helping enough old ladies cross the road, they’re stuck crawling through sewers, desperately craving feces they can’t even eat. Oh, and apparently the moon and sun conspire together to alternately burn and freeze them like a vindictive Gobi Desert.

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