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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Infographic Final

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  1. Adam, my initial reaction to your infographic is that there is no underlying logic/ approach driving your graphic design. Unfortunately the result is a film with a fun message but a ‘simplistic’ non-designed visual style. As I mentioned above the heart of the problem is an omission of a fixed ‘logic or approach’ that needed to be born out of your topic and would drive your design work to a place of refinement. For example subject such as romance, valentines cards, or even IKEA instruction manuals cuold have been an option. I’ve listed a few films below in order for you to see where perhaps you’ve made a mistake in your approach to where you may originate graphic designs. There is also a spiteful / immature tone to your film which I suggest was not necessarily the right approach – such as including “You prick” for example?

    1950’s Boutique

    1950’s Sci-Fi

    Cartoon Science

    Chalk Board/ Menu /Farm