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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Scary Parts Research

For my Adaptation B project, I'm adapting the Creepypasta of The Rake. Since the story of the rake has been told and designed with the specific intention of scaring it's readers and because it's been told so many times in a Chinese-whispers style, i am asking you to try and pick out the scariest features of each image set.

If you don't already know what The Rake is; it's a creature that torments it's victims in their sleep for a long time before appearing at the end of their bed in the middle of the night only to take out their victim or their entire family, leaving them dead or without a family. It's a cold creature that has no mercy or remorse.

Animal Eyes
 For the eyes of the Rake i am trying to get a look that show's off the face that he has no mercy, despises humans and has the ability to look through you, into your dreams. my personal favourite from the selection above is number 3, it's a blinking Shoebill. I like Number 3 because it looks dead and remorseless, it's also mysterious because you can't tell what it's looking at because it has no pupil.

Animal Mouths
 My personal Favourite out of these mouths is number 3, it looks the most menacing out of all of them in my opinion.

Animal Parts & Bodies
I believe that out of these parts and bodies i find that the corpse body of the Baboon (Number 6) is the strongest with the hands of Number 1 and the skin texture of Number 2 looking to create something truly terrifying.

Here are some experiments with different designs, my personal favorites so far are the head of 2 with the body of number 1.

As always, any suggestions and comments are welcome.

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