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Monday, 19 October 2015

Minor Project: Previs So Far

Here's my Previs for my upcoming animation of; The Secret Life of a House Robot. There's currently no sound and i feel that the piece would communicate better if there was sound so that's coming soon. Until then i'll let you know the key parts that are supposed to be making noise;

  • At the beginning when the door is open, the Homeowner is telling the robot that she wants dinner done by the time she comes home from work.

  • Once the robot is on the sofa, his head bounces around, this is when he's mocking the homeowners orders.

  • He presses the button on the remote to turn the TV on but we cut to black, there's supposed to be a sound of crisps opening during the black screen to lead into the next shot.

  • After the robot 'eats' the crisps, at that black screen we hear a lighter flick on to lead us into the next shot.

  • When we come back to the robot after looking at the bottles, he lets out a huge belch due to the alcohol after shaking his head around.

  • In the next shot, the robot starts off frame and we hear him making his way toward the camera, he has a bra on... the bra pops off and floats to the ground like a parachute.

  • The robot looks up because he hears an advert for a super sexy hoover... and he soon realises that the name of the hoover is on the box behind him.

The previs ends as he finds the hoover, i've still got to show the parts where he; seduces the inanimate hoover, makes out with the inanimate hoover and gets caught doing it by the homeowner. i am then going to show the hoover box rumbling around as the homeowner struggles inside and the robot & hoover live happily ever after.

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