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Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Rob-o-Matic

"Here comes the all new Rob-o-Matic from TechTronics! The Rob-o-Matic or 'Rob' is built to make your life easy! He'll do anything from washing the dishes to cleaning the toilet! wont you little guy?" (robot nods)

"Ahh and he even brought us some champagne! Lets take a look a him... as well as being the perfect pair of helping hands, his sleek design makes him the perfect addition to your home too! Get the Rob-o-Matic today!... see in store for details, terms and conditions apply."

I've been thinking about the name for my robot for a little while now and i think i've decided upon the name of Rob-o-Matic, it has a double meaning, Robo for robot and also Rob as a general name so that buyers of the product might consider him more than just a household appliance.

In the quotation marks above are the words i plan on going with the robot advert that'll be played on the TV a the beginning of my animation. The movie is to show you all the newer design of my robot in an intuitive way, getting 2 jobs done at once by showing the rough actions the Robot would perform in the advert.

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  1. :) Now, keep it up, keep going, keeping pushing (turn off that console!) and dig into your dissertation. You can do this, Adam - you can shine, so get a move on and invest in what could and should be an effective animated short - and a solid dissertation!