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Friday, 6 November 2015

The Secret Life of a House Robot: Robot Designs

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  1. 1) Establishing shot: begin with tv on showing advert for the Butler-o-matic, which is turned off s the camera establishes the spatial relations of room; we see box, we hear woman pick up keys, handbag, and she's chatting away etc. This continuous shot includes entrance of robot into living room to stand before open door

    2) Cut to POV of woman from just outside of door as she says 'blah blah by the time I get home etc.)

    3) Make Robot turn on television; show him doing this;show POV of television etc.

    4) Make your hard edit montage slower.

    5) Cut from fantasy sequence when keys sound in door.

    6) After discovery, quick cut to black, then slower fade up from black to give audience more time

    7) at end of film, maybe robot 'turns off' film with remote control...