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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Rob-o-Matic: Progress Update

Here's the latest playblast of my animation so far. Not much has changed with the animation but I've been working on getting the scene right before I move on to animating scene 2 and 3.

I still want to put more things in the bookshelf and I still need to connect up wires to the lamps and electronics in the scene. Some more work needs to be done on the textures as well but I'll work on that and I'll be posting up some test renders very soon with a final scene. 

I'm still open to any suggestions and feedback as always

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  1. Hey Adam - I think it's time you began to work with sound, because this whole first section will derive more meaning from its sound design. You need to get a voice-over artist for the opening speech etc and ensure the script is up to scratch. You need to start putting this together. Also - you've got some penetration happening when the robot passes the foot stool - take him more fully around it, as he's clipping it currently. I think you need some additional work in the kitchen interior - it doesn't look convincing yet - look some 70s kitchen interiors and sort something out in there - tiles etc.