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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Minor Project: Story Idea & Style Update

The Plot

For my Minor Project, i've decided to press on with the animated short idea of 'The Secret Life of a House Robot'.

It's set in a world where house robots were a new 'must-have' item in the technology market. We follow the activities of one particular House Keeper robot while it's owner is away for work.

The plot so far is as follows;

  1. The homeowner tells the robots of the house that she wants the house clean for when she comes home from work.
  2. The lights go out and the front door closes.
  3. After a short pause & title screen the main robot (HK-HouseKeeper) turns the light back on and mocks the homeowner.
  4. HK unplugs himself from the wall and jumps onto the sofa, turns on the TV and watches for a while in various positions.
  5. HK gets bored and turns some music on.
  6. HK and the other robots cause havoc in the house; making pillow forts, rolling around on the floor, swinging on the ceiling fan, harassing each other as well as the other appliances in the house and generally being childish. (this series of events will be achieved through a compilation of hard cuts).
  7. Ending yet to be decided...


Various endings include (but are not limited to);

  • HK and the other Robots manage to get everything cleared up in time for the owner and everything continues as normal for the robots.
  • HK ends up doing something so bad that he cant fix and the homeowner comes home to find the mess.
  • OR a mix of the 2 where the homeowner comes home to find nothing wrong, the credits role and then at the end of the credits an extra scene shows the something falling out of the closet that gives away the robots sentient secret of the robots.

Influence Maps

Influence Map 1

Influence Map 2
For the design of the robot, i plan on keeping it very basic, much like the designs featured above in the influence maps. Throughout my design i want the robot to be very mechanical and a bit like it was made in the 1950s-1990s.

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