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Friday, 2 October 2015

Some Robot HouseKeeper Designs

Just thought i'd post up a couple of my HouseKeeper robot Designs early to see where i'm going wrong. My personal favorite out of the 2 I've done so far is Robot No.2.


  1. I think both your robots look rather melancholy and not 'top of the range' - I actually like the lo-fi aesthetic of these drawings (wobbly lines / asymmetry etc) but is this guy really the 'butler of the (retro) future'?

    I did have a thought re. what this guy is actually watching on the television - he could be watching porn... obviously, I mean he could be watching advertisements for hoover attachments or sucking nozzles or similar - i.e. there's a joke there about the sort of erotic content a robot might be interested in watching...

    Another thing we could see him doing is chatting up/hitting on other household appliances...