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Friday, 9 October 2015

The Sectet Life of a House Robot - Story


Homeowner tells the robot, HK, that she wants the house nice and clean for when she gets home. She turns the lights off and shuts the door behind her.
After a short pause HK turns the lights back on and mocks the Homeowner like a moody teenager.


HK scoots over to the TV remote and picks it up. He spins backwards, chucks up the controller and catches it as he tries to land on the sofa, he misses and lands on the floor after bouncing off the sofa, he picks himself up and gets on the sofa. As he presses the button to change the channels, we cut to HK in different positions on the sofa. Including; either side of the sofa upside down, sideways, hanging off the edge and even inside a pillow fort.

(   Pause in the cutting for adverts about electronic appliances that 'turn HK on'. Various adverts about new hoovers, washing machines tumble driers, microwaves and toasters. Adverts can say things like 'unbelievably hot to give the best results', 'isn't that the best suck you've ever seen?', 'Ejection like you've never seen before!' And 'Can handle all the dirty stuff so you don't have to'...
(Hoover is going around in the background)   )

The Hoover passes by during one of these 'raunchy' advert and HK eyes it up and down in a seductive way. HK turns the TV off.

HK tries to seduce the Hoover as it goes around the room. (It seems like the hoover is running away even though it's just doing it's job)

Hoover finally stops (as it has finished it's run around the house) and HK tries to seduce the hoover by running his 'hands' up and down the hoover, checking out it's back and trying to look on the underside of the hoover. As he lifts the hoover it turns on again and runs HK over. HK looks back at the hoover as it rolls away.


HK sulks on the sofa but the hoover bumps into him on its way back.
HK turns happy, grabs the hoover and 'makes out' with it as it vibrates against him (it's trying to get past).

Cut to them both on the floor still  'making out'... the front door opens and HK stops what he's doing and pretends to be picking the hoover up. Hk puts the hoover in it's charging place.

We see the hoover nozzle is stuck up HK's 'charging hole' as he turns away from the camera.
Credits Roll and we hear the Homeowner ask HK "hey HK! what's that in your charge hole???" Followed by a shocked Robot noise.


  1. Hey Adam - see suggested revisions re. your outline below: consider making the Robot into a 'Kitchen-mate', as it doesn't make sense if we think the robot has vacuuming functionality; likewise see the addition of the idea of the 'hoover' being a new addition to the household, and also the 'new' ending... let me know your thoughts.

    ACT 1

    Int – a modern looking room; we see a robot butler; and in the corner of the room, there’s a big cardboard box, and on it the words ‘XXX 8000’ (or whatever)

    “I want dinner on the table when I get home!’

    Owner leaves with a slam of the door.

    The Robot mimics the home owner.

    The Robot sits on the sofa instead. Turns on the television. We see the Robot flicking through channels. A sequence of hard edits show him eating popcorn; smoking a cigarette, drinking a can of fizzy drink and letting out an enormous belch. the last shot shows us sitting him on the sofa wearing the owner’s bra…

    Suddenly we see his eyes open as something on the television arrests his attention. The robot leans forward.

    We see the tv screen; it’s an advert for a new glamorous hoover : the ‘XXX 8000’ We see the robot’s realization that the glamourous hoover is in the big box in the room…

    ACT 2

    The box falls open, to reveal the hoover;
    We now see the Robot’s efforts to woo and seduce the glamorous hoover;

    The robot with a rose in his mouth etc.
    The hoover and the robot perform a tango (the hoover remains inert)
    Finally, the robot thinks to plug the hoover in; this is all very suggestive; we see the three prongs of the plug slide into the three holes in the wall; we see a red light on the hoover begin to pulse; we see the hoover bag suddenly begin to swell… Watching this the steam escapes from the robot’s ears. Then, in a kind of romantic movie slow-motion, we see them getting closer and closer, about to kiss when…

    We hear the key in the lock…

    ACT 3

    Next shot: all is quiet – and the XXX 8000 cardboard box is intact again. The camera tracks back from the box to slowly take in the sofa – on which we see the Robot sitting beside the hoover; the television is on. He’s smoking again, the hoover is wearing the bra; we can still see the box in shot at the back of the room – we see it shake, and we hear the muffled protests of the owner – who is selotaped inside…

    1. Haha i love it Phil! :) thank you so much for taking the time to mull this over! i loved the ending, it made me chuckle! :)

      Having a definitive story idea with a complete (and funny) ending is just what i needed! thank you!

      overall it's perfect for what i want to produce :) i'll get working on it right away!