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Friday, 13 November 2015

The Secret Life of a House Robot: Post Pitch Previs Version 5

This Updated version of the previs is to show the updated shots that i've added into the animation. Currently there is a placeholder advert at the very beginning which is supposed to be about Robot Butlers, however i don't have the ability to record that yet. after the tv is initially turned off we're supposed to hear the homeowner getting ready to go out but i have yet to include that too.

Near the end, once the homeowner gets back home, after it cuts to black i need to change it to fade up into the next shot. i will do this when i get access to AE.

1 comment:

  1. Establishing shot - POV of owner; disengage POV once Robot is in room and listening; convey exit of owner via sound.

    Get rid of remote throw.

    Show switching back on television.

    Consider intercutting television shots with montage shots - slow it down some more!

    Delay hoover advert so audience is clear that it is arresting Robot's attention.

    Show movement of Robot to box.

    Attach box lid to side!

    Build more relationship between hoover looking and close-ups of reactions - for example, when hoover is first reveal so delight of Robot, when camera tracks up hoover's body, connect that tracking shot with movement of robot's eyes/head etc. The movement up the hoover is motivated by the robot's POV.

    Make more of the kissing of the attachment - then transition into dance routine.

    Consider putting more balletic camera moves into shot to enrich dance sequence (sort out any clunky shots, this should feel very smooth!).