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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Minor Project Submission Post

Through a series of iterations of my previs, I was able to create a story line that I personally really like. Though there are some changes that need to happen before this can be a good animation, I feel it conveys just what I want in terms of humor and animation.

This version of the previs is to show the updated shots that I've added into the animation. Currently there is a placeholder advert at the very beginning which is supposed to be about Robot Butlers, however I don't have the ability to record that yet. After the TV is initially turned off we're supposed to hear the homeowner getting ready to go out but I have yet to include that too.

Near the end, once the homeowner gets back home, after it cuts to black I need to change it to fade up into the next shot. So the changes that need to happen are;
  1. Robot advert needs to replace the placeholder sound.
  2. I need to replace the floaty transition with a POV of the owner as she gets ready.
  3. Removal of the TV remote throw.
  4. Inter cut between the TV and the Robot as adverts play and the Robot drinks beer.
  5. Make it clear that the Hoover advert arrests the Robot's Attention.
  6. Show the Robot roll over to the Hoover box.
  7. Build more of a relationship between the Robot and the Hoover showing that the Robot REALLY cares.
  8. Improve camera moves in the dance scene.
Once I get into Animating this with the actual models and set I believe that I can make these changes with relative ease.

Here's the ROB-O-Matic and the Deluxe Hoover Cleaner, arm in arm, in their Turnaround. I really like how they've turned out.

This is essentially a Previs for the advert about the ROB-O-Matic that plays on TV as the homeowner leaves the flat.

Below is a much more refined version of the previs which depicts the actions of the Robot in the advert. The script for the advert will be as follows; "Here comes the all new Rob-o-Matic from TechTronics! The Rob-o-Matic or 'Rob' is built to make your life easy! He'll do anything from washing the dishes to cleaning the toilet! wont you little guy?" (robot nods)

"Ahh and he even brought us some champagne! Lets take a look a him... as well as being the perfect pair of helping hands, his sleek design makes him the perfect addition to your home too! Get the Rob-o-Matic today!... see in store for details, terms and conditions apply."

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