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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Rob-o-Matic: Newest Renders and Playblasts

This playblast shows where I am currently in my animation, it still needs a lot of adjustments but i'd be happy to receive any constructive feedback. I'd like to point out the elephants in the room first; the phone and lamp are floating because I still need to add in the dresser, the bookcase needs more 'filler', the bottles need to be animated in at the right times because at the moment they're permanently on the sofa and I also need to get the door to open at the beginning when the owner leaves. The door is animated to open but this doesn't show in playblasts because it may be a viewport error.

1 comment:

  1. ... I think your room is looking too gloomy, Adam - but the spotlighting on the robot is too harsh (too white?) and I do think you need wallpaper - just not the madcap, eye-aching version you had before!