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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Rob-o-Matic: Animation Progress

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  1. keep on trucking Adam...

    I just wonder if the opening POV shot is 'too long' anyway - in so much as your story really starts when the robot appears, so perhaps you could get your 'human' to the door a bit faster? I don't know what your plans are re. sound design, so it might be okay as is, but it feels long now.

    I assume the pictures etc on the wall are still place-holders? Like I said, there's still an inattention to convincing period detail dogging your interior; and I want to see you getting to grips with it before too long: some ideas for 1970's furnishings that are a bit more on message: string art was a 'thing' in the homes of the 1970s:

    As was macrame pot-holders etc:

    In terms of 'ornaments' etc: for some reason, owls were big in the 70s...

    also, check out classic 70s ceramics for on shelves etc:

    I just want you to get to grips with some of this detailing so your world has 'verisimilitude' (look it up!) :)