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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Rob-o-Matic: Final Progress 01

Almost there! I've added in a few new sounds for the robot in the main scene. Still no sound for Rob in the dance scene but I'd like to get his sound right in the main scene before I tackle the next part. I still feel like I need to add in a few sounds here and there but I thought I'd post up the progress so that I can (hopefully) receive some feedback on what I have so far. :)


  1. That was awesome! I love it :D

  2. Hi Adam - big apologies for not arriving on here sooner! A couple of sound tweaks then: I'm not sure the 'dentist drill' is quite right for Rob - it's a bit too high pitched and unpleasant - not endearing enough, and I don't think there's another variety in his sound design yet - so for example, his eye movements might have a different sound signature to his arm movements. In addition, I think you need to ensure there's always a sound signature for him, so I noticed that at the beginning when he's nodding his head, there was no accompanying sound. In terms of him moving around, maybe, in addition to the sounds of his wheels on the the carpet, you need to think about a more electric sound to accompany him, the sound an old electric milk float used to make for example, or any kind of 'stop/start' electrical vehicle - something that tells us that he's going from static to mobile:

    In the Dirty Dancing dream sequence it does seem as if it's crying out for some applauding/cheering crowd SFX - when he's doing the Swayze walk before returning to pick up the hoover; it just seems that, in this robot's head, he is killing it at the party and everyone thinks he's wonderful. I think it could be funny.

    Oh - and one camera/animation thing: (sorry!) the camera move at about 3 mins 40sec feels a little messy or un-controlled - as if it's rushing to get into position; it doesn't feel as confident or as purposeful as it might; and also, the static shot of the hoover just before this bit feels too static and as a consequence too long; if you were to begin this scene with the camera a little wider, you could use these few seconds before the robot's entrance to put a slight push towards the static hoover to build a bit of anticipation, and then continue the tracking of the camera as you've already got - does that make sense?