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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Rob-o-Matic: Pink Decor Change

In these images you can see that I've changed the decor of the room. It's no longer green, I've decided to make it pink because it's more in-keeping with the idea that the homeowner is a single woman living at home alone. I've also populated the bookshelf a lot more. Yet another noticeable change is that the robot can now change the colour of his eyes (a comparison of before and after can be seen above). I'm interested to hear anyone's thoughts on the scene so far, I've been thinking of changing the wallpaper to feature a tinge of pink but I'm worried that this could be too much.


  1. I think it looks much better now and I don't think it needs more pink :)

    1. Thanks Sam! :) good to hear from you, hope you're well!

  2. If the wall paper was a little more pale green, it would help so something more like this:

    Also, if you made the carpet more beige and the rug more 'cream' that would feminise things a little more too - will take some tweaking no doubt to balance it all out, but I think it's good to lose some of those overtly masculine browns and oranges.

    In terms of the 'wine bottles' - can you make them green glass and more actually 'a wine bottle', as right now I'm not sure what sort of drink these are... a classic seventies wine label was 'Blue Nun'