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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Rob-o-Matic: Compilation of Animation 06

In this version of my animation I still need to add in the sounds of the robot as he moves around and emotes throughout the animation. I also still need to add in sounds for other small things like when he chucks the remote onto the sofa near the beginning. After listening to this through the speakers of my computer (not through headphones) I feel like the new sounds at the beginning of my animation might be a bit too quiet. I'll be interested to hear anyone's opinion on this.


  1. Hi Adam,

    I don't think the 'light from box' is working here not least because it's followed by complete darkness. As suggested before, I think you need to make this sequence utterly seamless; so when the box opens completely, everything around the hoover fades to nothing, as the spot-light on the hoover transitions in. I also think there is a line of action confusion here; so, as far as the audience is concerned, the hoover is on the left and Rob is to the right of the hoover; however, when the Dirty Dancing sequence begins, Rob comes in from the left and the hoover has switched to the right. It would make more sense if you flipped the Dirty Dancing sequence so that Rob enters from the left and crosses the screen right towards the hoover, as this keeps their positions constant in regards to where the audience last saw them... does that make sense?

    1. Heya Phil, thanks for the feedback! I completely agree about the hoover and the box with the box and the scene fading away to leave the hoover. However I don't think I'd be able to do this without rendering out different layers, so we probably wont see that feature until the final-ish version.

      As for the point about where Rob enters from in the dance scene, I think I'd rather talk to you about this in person because I don't really understand (sorry!).